Bowers, Cedar. Auteur

Edité par Macclelland & Stewart - 2021

Born and raised on a remote British Columbia commune, Astra Brine has long struggled to find her way in the world, her life becoming a study of the thin line between dependence and love, need and desire. Over the years, as her path intersects with others—sometimes briefly, but always intensely—she will encounter people who, by turns, want to rescue, control, become, and escape her, revealing difficult yet shining truths about who they are and what they yearn for.

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  • Une vie en dix regards 5/5

    Le premier roman de la canadienne Cedar Bowers déroule la vie de son héroïne, Astra, à travers le regard de 10 personnes qu'elle a croisés au cours de sa vie. Lumineux et profondément humain

    Nicolas Derron - Le 09 septembre 2022 à 14:02